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Dan Berkhoudt, AIA, LEED-AP started his new firm, D. Berkhoudt, Architect in early 2013. Before that, he was a principal in the firm, Innovative Designs Engineering and Architecture.

He and Tom Davis, P.E., started Innovative Designs Engineering and Architecture (IDEA) in 2009. The firm helped plan, design, and implement construction projects in the Utica Rome area and the rest of the Mohawk Valley and Central NY.

Dan believes that architecture is about constructing buildings that enhance people’s lives. The design of his clients’ home should be a function of their lifestyle. Likewise, the design of their commercial building should facilitate the best rate of return on their investment.

Every project starts with an in depth consultation. He’ll talk about your vision for the project. What you want it to do for you. If it’s your dream house, what are the things he can work into the design that will make your life easier. What spaces have you always wanted in your home that he can build just the way you want them.

For commercial building construction or renovation, he's concerned with how to achieve the highest return on your investment at the least cost. He’ll work with you to configure the space for the most efficient use of your building. The planning includes analysis of your products, employees, and systems.

For non-profits, he wants to know your mission in the community. Who are you serving and how does your building fit the people you serve. And, how can he create construction that fulfills your mission within the constraints of your budget.

He’ll perform feasibility studies, site planning, permitting and environmental impact analysis. And capitalize on the architectural opportunities that present themselves throughout the process.

After the planning and design phase, he’ll place the project out to bid. He also works closely with several Central NY contractors if you decide to solicit bids by invitation only. You’ll be sure that you get the best contractors for the right price. Because he does his “due diligence” during the design phase, there will be fewer costly surprises during construction.

During construction, he’ll maintain an easy collaboration between you and the contractors. He’ll be onsite as often as you wish, keep you informed as to the progress of your project, and address construction problems as they arise.

At the end of construction, he’ll walk through the project with you and the contractor making sure it’s all in working order. He’ll issue completion certificates and help you get into your building. Dan always wants you living in your new home or working in your new building as fast as possible.

Some of the projects he's worked on or has completed include:

  • ANDRO Computational Solutions, LLC, Rome, NY
    A 4,800 square foot interior renovation.
  • REACH Microenterprise, Rome, NY
    A 28,000 square foot building renovation.
  • Arby’s Restaurant; Rome, NY
    A 9,650 square foot site expansion project.
  • Marine Corps League Edward L. Smith Detachment 245, Rome, NY
    A 5,200 square foot renovation.
  • Private Residence, Rome, NY
    1,500 square feet renovation.
  • 102 East Smith Street, Herkimer, NY
    3,500 square feet multi-use building renovation
  • Public Pool Project
    Rome, NY

You can see more of the projects Dan has worked on throughout his career by clicking here.

Call him at 315.737.4416 or contact him here for a free initial consultation. He looks forward to hearing about your project…and your vision. Call today.

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